How to Stop Stuttering Using THESE 7 STEPS

"7 Steps to Quickly Achieve Smooth, Calm and Confident Speech" | taught by Michael Williams

Course description

Do you feel anxious before and while speaking? Do you anticipate words that you "know" you're going to struggle with? Do speak too fast and choppy?

Those are just a few of the many challenges you may be faced with while communicating.

If you have a hard time:

  • Getting started speaking,
  • Maintaining airflow while speaking,
  • Feel rushed,
  • Speak too fast,
  • Speak in a choppy manner and,
  • Can't seem to say what you want to say,

then this series could literally change your life.


When you're able to get started and keep speaking with ease, you'll gradually begin to forget about speaking, and start living the life you've always wanted.

You'll be able to:

  1. Say what you want, when you want with confidence and ease.
  2. Make more persuasive arguments.
  3. Feel more relaxed, cool and calm in social situations.

This means people will love speaking with you, listen to and respect you more,

and be willing to follow your lead.

What you'll learn in these 7 steps:

  1. How to relax, reduce anxiety, and take your time no matter what.
  2. How to get started speaking easier.
  3. How to maintain constant airflow while speaking.
  4. How to make speaking easier and more natural.
  5. How to create a daily routine to help you transform this information in habit.

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Here's what a few people have said about this series:

"I consider "Step 5" to be the one of the most effective and engaging sessions in the series."
"If you have not listened to Step 1 of the "7 Steps For Clear & Confident Speech" series By Michael Williams, you need to contact him and get a copy. This step is GOLDEN. 3 Key points to remember from Step 1 in order of importance (in MY opinion) :
No 1: Speed kills in Driving...Speed kills in Speaking.

No 2: You Don't have to rush; you can take your time and say what you want to say when you want to say it.

No 3: Slow down to gain control of your speech."

"This video is so great. The two fundamentals of 1) not feeling as though you need to rush & 2) pausing are crucial and, although I combined all the necessary foundations of what you teach, these two points greatly assisted me in changing my mindset. This is life changing and permanent marks in one's speech. Thank you so much, Mr. Michael Williams!"

You've got absolutely nothing to lose, and everything to gain by watching and apply what you learn in this series. Everything, and I mean everything in this entire series is backed by real-life, practical experience. Meaning this is not theoretical. It's practical. People just like you are using these tools every day. In fact, these are the exact tools I use to coach my Private Intensive Coaching clients.

Michael  Williams
Michael Williams
Founder and Speech Coach

Michael Williams is the go-to-guy when it comes to speech improvement. His specialty is working with people who struggle with stuttering. As a former stutterer himself (more than 20 years), he perfectly understands what it is like to not be able to say what you want to say, when you want to say. However, his expertise is not limited to people who stutter. Because his speech system is so effective he has also used it to help people who struggle with fear of public speaking and presenting their ideas in a clear and confident manner.

Michael was hired in 2012 and 2013 to spend approximately 8 weeks total in India coaching a client who is both a medical doctor and business man. In addition, Michael coaches clients via video conferencing from countries such as, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Denmark, United Kingdom, Israel, Canada, South Africa and of course the United States. His clients are often Executives in Engineering, IT, Medical Doctors and other fields. Many, of his clients speak English as their second language and Michael has been able to help them dramatically improve their presentation and conversational skills such that they often wind up quickly receiving promotions as well as doing quite well in Toastmaster presentations. One client received two standing ovations and had the audience in tears. Another client, is now the President of a Toastmasters chapter. All of these clients went from stuttering to excellence speech in a relatively short period of time, which clearly demonstrates the system’s ability to create powerful speakers even in the most extreme cases.

Michael has published an ebook and literally hundreds of instructional videos. He has published high quality courses on and on his own website, and is constantly invited to publish his courses on other websites as well. Two such groundbreaking courses are the NEW Pro90d 3.0 Focus Self-Study and How to Retrain YOUR Brain to Speak Well. These courses have forever changed the way people improve their speech on the go.

Here are just a very small sampling of what some of his clients say about the impact his system has had on their careers and lives overall:

“I am able to be more fluent and confident at meetings and discussions at work.”

“It has helped me to gain respect among peers and executives.”
“Michael does not “repair a limited speech” - he goes straight ahead in creating a new, an excellent speech (as he describes it) - this is much more than I expected.”
“Don’t get stuck like me in same position in the company for years, do something right now. I missed so many opportunities in life. I really regret not taking this service before.”

Course Curriculum

Stuttering Treatment In 7 Steps
Welcome to 7 Steps to Quickly Achieve Smooth, Calm & Confidence Speech
7 Steps Follow Up Bonus Training 1
7 Steps - Introduction FREE
7 Steps - Step 1. Tell Yourself, “I don’t have to rush!” FREE
7 Steps - Step 2. Pause at least 1 second before you speak. FREE
7 Steps - Step 3. Use naturally sounding introductory words and sounds
7 Steps - Step 4. Extend your first few words.
7 Steps - Step 5. Blend your words while speaking to maintain airflow.
7 Steps - Step 6. Practice the above steps on video, daily.
7 Steps - Step 7. Use everything you’ve learned EVERY TIME you speak.
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7 Steps - Step 2-Clip7
7 Steps - Step 3-Clip5
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